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We’re currently in the throes of recruiting, but this time round we’re doing something different: a staff contest. The amount of people we take will depend on the number of entries we get, but at this stage, we’re looking to top up our existing staff list with two or so new reviewers. If you’ve ever thought about joining The Nihon Review, now is the time to do so, as we’ll most probably be closing applications temporarily afterwards.

What type of person are we looking for?

The basic requirements we’re looking for are an interest and knowledge of anime and/or Japanese media and competent writing skills. You do not need to be terribly experienced in writing about anime. You don’t even need to always agree with what we write. We’re not trying to be a hive-mind here, we’re looking to provide a diversity of opinions, and what we want are people who have confidence in their own opinions and are able to back them up with reasoned, sensible criticism. We’re also looking for people who like to scratch at the surface of the titles they watch; we’re not really interested in superficial reviews and analyses.

Reasons to join us.

You’ll be walking into an established site with an established culture. Being part of a friendly team, you’ll constantly have people around who are able to help you out every step of the way, from the writing itself, to the editing and fine-tuning, and promoting your publications. You’ll also have the opportunity to actively take part in discussions and interact with many writers who share a love for the medium. There will be minimal in the way of “set up” and you’ll be writing to a moderate yet growing readership. The demands aren’t high. If you can write an average of 4-6 reviews and/or articles each season, that’s ideal.

Why we’re recruiting.

We’ve recently had a couple of resignations, and I’ve gone about removing much of the dead wood from our staff list. The basic reason we’re doing this is simply that it’s good to have some fresh blood every now and then. People who are interested in contributing to our underloved live action section and blog will be given special consideration.

How do I apply?

Simply go here and follow the instructions. You may submit a review (400-600 words with a ~100 word synopsis) or an article (500-700 words). You will be gauged on your review/article and your answers to the compulsory questions… the answers to the optional questions will only be considered in line-ball decisions. Email your entry to appl… (Solve the reCAPTCHA to get the full address.) Applications will be open until 5th February, and the results will be announced soon after that. However, keep an eye on your email in the meantime, as we may try and get in contact with you if you’re in contention.

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