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Maidens and Jazz

Two new reviews today! First on the plate is AC‘s look at Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. He says that while the show has an interesting visual style, it fails to do anything meaningful with it, focusing mainly on silly antics and melodrama. Reckoner also takes a look at Kids on the Slope, which he admires for using jazz so well to communicate its characters’ feelings and for how clear director Watanabe Shinichiro‘s vision for the show is.

We have more Anime Expo coverage, too! Check out our reports from singer LiSA‘s conference, panel and concert from the convention. We also have reports from the press conference and panel for director Sato Tatsuo, who helmed the recently completed Mouretsu Pirates, along with Martian Successor Nadesico, Rinne no Lagrange and Stellvia.

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