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Welcome aboard, kevo and Reckoner

The task of picking the winners of this year’s NHRV Staff Contest has been a difficult one, but we’ve finally reached a decision. Congratulations to kevo and Reckoner, the two newest additions to our NHRV staff list. Many of you may know kevo as a writer for the anime blog, Desu ex Machina, as well as the organizer of the weekly Anime Power Rankings poll. Reckoner has been a regular at the AnimeSuki Forums for years, and is well known for being both opinionated and insightful. We’re all looking forward to plenty of interesting views and reviews from both of you.

In the meantime, kevo has started off his career at the NHRV with a review of Needless, while Reckoner has shared his glowing praise of the highly experimental Texhnolyze. Be sure to stop by the forum and give kevo and Reckoner a warm welcome to the NHRV.

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  1. Comment by EndlessGr8 | 2012/02/12 at 23:50:20

    Congrats to the winning applicants! It’s quite a coincidence that one of the new folks reviewed Texhnolyze, because that was the first review I prepared for if I was accepted! I also had some written up for NHK and Serial Experiments Lain, some great shows that are surprisingly absent from the Nihon Revew. You guys should jump on that! :)
    Haha, thanks, and congrats!

    ~Dylan (EndlessGr8)

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