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Remakes of Varying Quality

Japanese media have no shortage of remakes and today’s two reviews show that despite having a prior TV show or movie to work off of, there’s no assurance that the remake can live up to the first incarnation’s success.  Such is the case with Time Traveller, a live-action movie which AC felt fell way short of the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo anime.  On the flip side, MK was quite pleased with how well Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood turned out.

On a slight tangent, if you haven’t noticed, our staff blog has been brimming with activity over the last few days.  We’re experiencing a blogging Renaissance of sorts; how long it’ll last is anyone’s guess, but do check out some of our recent entries!

2 Responses to Remakes of Varying Quality


  1. Comment by FeuerPhoenix | 2011/01/11 at 06:05:53

    I’m wondering, whether MK and I saw the same series. Sounds more like a review of the superior manga, than the lukewarm BONES adaptation, which, in my opinion, may have boasted some impeccable production values (excellent animation, superb soundtrack, good story, acclaimed Seiyū), but failed to capitalise on its cerebral source material because of lacking execution (erratic pacing, bad direction).
    Sorry for sounding so negative, but I can’t help but be disappointed with the way the series turned out.

  2. MK
    Comment by MK | 2011/01/12 at 01:04:47

    @ FeuerPhoenix

    You don’t have to apologize. and dont worry, you are not the only one who felt this way. NihonReview has another review on FMA brotherhood by Shadowmage which gives it a low ranking. However, many anime review sites and many people believe the show deserves a higher ranking and I was one of those people. I was very impressed with the intellectual work actually, and felt it alot less rushed than the first series. If you failed to see any intellectual merit in the show I would be happy to discuss it with you further on the forums.

    Thank you for the comment,

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