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Production I.G Hits JASDAQ

Anime Insider magazine reports:

Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, Dead Leaves, Patlabor) announced late last year that they will become a publicly traded company on the JASDAQ exchance, the Japanese equivalent of America’s high-profile NASDAQ stock service. According to a report filed by Dow Jones, only 1,400 of the 2,500 shares in Production I.G’s initial offering were publicly traded and thus available to anybody who wanted to invest, while the remain 1,100 were privately held, most likely claimed by employees or investors previously connected with the studio. Whatever their connection to the anime business, the shareholders’ investment was off to an auspicious start, as Production I.G’s stock value jumped 1.29 million yen (roughly $12,000) by the end of the second day of trading.

Production I.G has also stated that their main goal in doing this was to get more money. Maybe now they can afford to put Major Motoko in some less revealing outfits.

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