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More information about the upcoming Staff Contest 2012

We’re finally ready to release more details about the NHRV Staff Contest 2012, which begins later this month. The question set for this year has finalized, and is available here. The contest will open from 16th January, and we’ll begin accepting applications from that date. The final deadline with be Monday, 6th February. We currently have two vacant positions, and we’ll be looking to fill both of them during the staff contest. That basically means that we don’t have any plans to do any mid-year recruiting this year (as we have in previous years), so you should assume this will be your last opportunity to join the NHRV staff for the year. As is usual, we’re looking for good writers, but this year we’ll be giving extra consideration to writers keen to contribute to our blog and live action section.

If you wish, you may register your interest by emailing this address: appl… Doing so shall allow us to contact you directly, and keep you up to date with any developments during the staff contest as they happen. We’ll also be sending out regular alerts as key dates (particularly the final deadline) become close.

Today we have two new reviews of fantasy anime at opposite ends of the spectrum: Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below and, in a case of “I can’t believe they got away with showing this on TV”, Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin. Enjoy.

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