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Killer Phantoms

Today, I’d like to introduce our two newest staff members along with their first contributions to the site. Please give them a warm welcome over on our forums. First is hayama’s dissection of Boogiepop Phantom, an older show that may have flown under the radar of those who become anime enthusiasts recently. He’s got some nice things to say about the show. Second is CNile’s rather scathing analysis of Kill la Kill in which he talks about his disappointment with the series.

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  1. Comment by gedata | 2014/08/11 at 09:13:29

    owch, CNile

    I mean he’s right, but still, I could’ve found enough good within the show to offset some of the problems.

    Good reviews overall though, It’scomforting that Boogiepop Phantom’s beginning is the least compelling part, tried it myself and never looked back after ep 1 a few years ago.

  2. Comment by Hayama | 2014/08/11 at 14:29:17

    Glad you liked the reviews! I only watched the first three episodes of Kill la Kill and didn’t really get much out of them. It’s definitely one of the most polarizing series in recent years. I might give it a second chance, but I still haven’t finished Gurren Lagann so I should probably prioritize that over KLK anyway. And also KLK doesn’t sit well with my feminist side.

    gedata, you should definitely try picking up Boogiepop Phantom again. The first few episodes aren’t really the best for people who haven’t at least read or watched the live action movie of Boogiepop and Others, but it starts building its own story toward the second half of the series. I tried not to let my inner fanboy show, but I’m a huge fan of the Boogiepop series in general and Phantom’s my favorite individual work in the series. It’s just a few shows away from my top 3 anime, so I’m glad that my review may inspire people to give it a chance.

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