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Farewell to two of our longest serving reviewers

Seven has “quit” more times than I can count, but I can’t remember that we’ve ever given him the homage he deserves.  This was Seven‘s site originally, back before it was even AMGReviews.  His idea wasn’t exactly revolutionary at the time, ie, that a bunch of anime nerds could get together and write reviews on the internet, but it’s a credit to him that he’s managed to put together a base for a site that has, in some form or another, managed to stay alive for so long and, more importantly, collected a good group of the people who did so much work in getting this site started, like Tamashii, Taleweaver and DarkKanti.

DarkKanti has also called it quits from reviewing.  He’s been at this site longer than I have, and served as an admin and an editor at various times.  He can take credit for helping get the annual “Year in Review” articles kick-started, and was a big help in making a lot of decisions for major changes to this site, like starting the Live Action section.  So, thanks a lot to both these guys, they’ve been ornaments to The Nihon Review.

Two new anime reviews: Sora no Manimani and Akikan! OVA.

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