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Unlike Madoka, Some Anime Did Indeed Finish

How many of you have seen Utena? If the answer is more than 10 people (adjusted for staff and one Gaguri), then I might want to think of replacing my Sailor Moon reference in my Star Driver review.

If mechas and shoujo aren’t your thing, there’s always the best comedy I’ve seen in a while: Level E.  The show does hit a few lows, but it’s not a show that I find a little funny or a chuckle a bit.  At its best, the show had me blast out my lungs in laughter.

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  1. Comment by zammael | 2011/06/16 at 19:08:42

    I did finish watching Revolutionary Girl Utena a couple months back and thought it was the shiznitz.

    Even though a few things dated it, the fact that it was ambitious (postmodern fairy tale) and executed rather well (brilliant concept art) placed it high on my GOAT anime list.

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