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No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault We’re Writing New Reviews

Hello once again, friends! We’re here again with new reviews! Here are a couple of series that recently finished: First up is Shadowmage‘s look at the megahit Attack on Titan, which, although a bit bumpy, leverages its setting well to create effective drama in the battle between humanity and the titans. It’s particularly worth watching for those scenes where humans swing throughout town with reckless abandon. Next up is my look at the dark comedy Watamote. It hews to a quickly familiar formula but executes that formula tremendously well and hones in on its subject of choice with the utmost precision. This is one of the better series this year, in my view.

3 Responses to No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault We’re Writing New Reviews


  1. Comment by Rararame | 2013/10/22 at 02:15:45

    Considering how you felt about FMAB I can’t help but think you got generous with SnK here, especially since Araki did his best to make the adaptation as tiresome to watch as possible.

  2. Comment by prakarsha | 2013/10/22 at 04:28:22

    Just read .. Attack on Titans review by shadowmage . First impression , shadowmage isn’t that happy…….!!!! the part why fans are like ….drawn to it … I think its because of the opening and ending music …and eren
    being a character who had been potraited as a weak personality …… marches over any Titan with fierce ambition and infinte vengence ………..the connection between his mothers death ….which. Turned a boy into this highly movtivated person………that was very well captures in snk …. I also liked the relationship between characters how they try to protect each other .from Titans ..when the fear of death is overwhelming ………i think shinjiki no kyojin …….is one of the most addictive anime ….i have watchd in months ……….until. I was bitchd.on 25 th episode ……hanged by a cliffhanger….with not much revealed.

  3. Comment by Shadowmage | 2013/11/04 at 18:25:46

    @Rararame: The pacing was messed up, but Araki nailed the atmosphere. The biggest qualm I had with FMA:B was that the directing felt a tad shoddy so I couldn’t really buy into the world they were presenting.

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