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Beaters and Attractors

Two new reviews for all you fine folks out there in the wilds of the Internet! First on the docket is one of the most popular and polarizing shows of 2012, Sword Art Online. Reckoner writes that the series has an interesting premise and there are some good moments peppered throughout the series; however, the show doesn’t adequately explore its setting and themes and leans on a protagonist who is uninteresting because he surmounts every challenge with ease. Meanwhile, AC looks at the BONES movie series Towa no Quon, which he says is reminiscent of Marvel‘s X-Men series. He likes the visual aesthetic of the movies but wishes they had gone a bit beyond their basic premise.

And over at Behind the Nihon review, Kaikyaku writes about Michiko e Hatchin’s depiction of Brazil. Check it out!

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