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An art film and a Gonzo drama

I am a person who enjoys anime as a spectacle more than anything else.  I sit back and ask a show or movie to impress me. If it does, great, I’ve enjoyed the time that I’ve invested and possibly gained some greater insight of life.  If it doesn’t, I’ll eviscerate it and drag it by its lacerated entrails for all to see.

Then there are shows that I cannot wholly categorize.  Something mediocre like Gonzo‘s Glass Fleet eludes both sweeping praise and serious denunciation.  And something “artsy” like Angel’s Egg utterly fails at entertainment but works as a spectacle nonetheless.

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  1. Comment by A.H. | 2009/07/06 at 22:24:45

    I agree about Glass Fleet, although the score is probably slightly higher than what I would give it.

    Angel’s Egg…perhaps I need to be in the right mood and stay away until then.

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