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A new season

Now that another season has come and gone, it’s time to look back at the triumphs and train wrecks left behind.  Sorrow-kun reviews a worthwhile romance-comedy Itazura na Kiss, and I review the insanely hyped Code Geass R2.

zzeroparticle brings us a more refined dish from a few years ago, Victorian Romance Emma, and AC takes another (less positive) stab at School Days.  As always, enjoy!

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  1. Comment by A.H. | 2008/10/22 at 08:49:44

    Insanely hyped is right, but while it’s occassionally funny, I feel that your R2 review is too harsh and unnecessarily insulting, which ultimately works to its detriment.

    I’m speaking in terms of language, first and foremost, not necessarily about your essential points or final score, with which I can more or less agree, generally though certainly not universally. I’d agree the show is a mess, albeit an entertaining one, but even then it’s hardly as utterly worthless as you make it seem. Your recognition of certain positives almost reads like an afterthought in the middle of everything else. Unless the readership already shares your opinions about the show. Which is a valid writing style, I suppose, but can’t honestly say it works for me.

    You see, the more you insult something or someone, the more that says something about you, as opposed to about your target.

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