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New to the site? How about a quick tour.

We often get new people to the site, so I’m just going to take a quick moment out of my busy review writing schedule (ha!) to give you a bit of a tour and tell you how we do things around here.  Even if you’re a veteran, a refresher course never hurt.

First, we currently have three open review sections: Anime, Live Action and Music.  In the past, we’ve also written reviews for Soundtracks and Games.  Currently, any soundtrack reviews written by our staff are exclusively published on Anime Instrumentality Blog, so if you have an appetite for info on anime soundtracks, please stop by there.  The Manga section isn’t currently being updated, but it features all the saved reviews from the now defunct Manga Reviewer site.  If you have any questions about how we rate titles or structure reviews, hopefully our FAQ section will provide answers.  We also write Editorials, the most popular of which are our annual Year in Review articles, which we’ve been doing since 2005.

Concurrently, we have a staff blog, Behind The Nihon Review, which is filled with opinions, insight, reviews and rants.  Check out the front page for the most recent articles, or dig around the archives and see if you find anything that interests you.  Here you can find a list of the articles which I think are among the most intriguing and insightful, so if you want a taste of the types of articles we like to write, it’s a pretty good place to start.  All articles are open to discussion and comments, so feel free to add your own thoughts.

If you have your own thoughts on our reviews (which aren’t commentable), you may wish to register on the forum.  Whether you want to offer an alternative opinion or chat about the latest series, there’s a place for it in an environment that we strive to make both civil and engaging.  We’ve even got a Miscellaneous forum if you just want to shoot the breeze.

We’re always trying to improve things around here, with the aim of offering insight, opinions and recommendations.  If you have any suggestions or even requests, we’d love to hear them.  Enjoy.

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  1. Comment by FeuerPhoenix | 2010/07/04 at 13:53:36

    I’ve only recently stumbled upon this site, but I’m really liking it so far. You rarely, if ever, see an Anime site treating Anime so professionally and trying to maintaing a high standard of quality throughout.

    I’d suggest adding Computer- and Videogame reviews to the NHRV. Games and Anime are evidently closely intertwined. For example, collaborative efforts, like the upcoming PS3 and DS Game “Ni No Kuni” by Level 5 and Studio Ghibli, or “Tatsunoko vs. Capcom” on the Wii, which pits popular Tatsunoko characters like Casshern and Karas against Capcom flagship characters such as Ryu and Megaman. Not to forget the countless licensed games based on Animes, or even Animes based on Visual Novels (Air) or other games (Devil May Cry, Sakura Wars).

  2. AC
    Comment by AC | 2010/07/04 at 16:52:31

    Hi, welcome to NHRW.

    Sorrow-kun and the rest are constantly thinking of ways to improve this site so we welcome your suggestion. The thing is, we are always lacking the manpower to do stuff, even the current ones such as writing reviews and blog entries. Right now, Sorrow-kun is very focused on a number of things, particularly improving the BtNHRW blog.

    We thank you for visiting our site, and please invite anyone else to take a look at our site.

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