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More secrets

But not our reviewers this time.  This time we’re dealing with Nogizaka Haruka’s secret from the show ironically called Nogizaka Haruka no HimitsuAC also digs into trap-haven Princess Princess, which he was pleasantly surprised with.  Not me, though.  I always thought it was kind of gay…

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  1. Comment by zzeroparticle | 2008/10/05 at 00:02:51

    Since we don’t actually have a place for people to comment on specific reviews, I’ll just do so here. Giving Nogizaka Haruka the same rating as Shuffle! says quite a bit about how disgusted you were with the series. :p

    I’m not sure I’d put it that low (see my MAL rating), but seeing how you were skewered by its fanbase at a certain site, I can’t blame you if having to deal with those elements left you with a sour taste in your mouth and lowered the show in your eyes. Analysis is spot-on (as usual) and we both agree it’s a bad show. It’s just a matter as to the degree of bad-ness.

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