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Once Again, Giant Robots Make the Impossible Possible

Hello, friends! We’re here with two new reviews for you, both from Shadowmage. First up is The Irregular at Magic High School, which seems to have plenty of ideas but doesn’t explore any of them in an interesting way. It does, however, feature a hilariously overpowered main character. Maybe that’s a plus for you! Next up is Captain Earth. It has the aesthetics down, but unfortunately, the characters and story just do not hold up. But it has a superbly ridiculous giant robot animation, so maybe that doesn’t matter too much.

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  1. Comment by Rararame | 2014/10/09 at 04:31:48

    “all I want is the OST and a compilation of the fight scenes since I just don’t care about anything else”

    The fights were not even interesting. I remember that episode where Red finally made his debut in mecha form and… he did absolutely nothing aside from getting blown the fuck out. I think he shot a laser or two in the second to last episode before getting blown the fuck out again.

    You’re ridiculously forgiving with Mahouka.

  2. Comment by Shadowmage | 2014/10/09 at 08:49:42

    Most of the fights in Captain Earth were beam spams, but there were some really cool moments among the more generic sequences.

    I admit that my view of Mahouka is skewed from having read the light novels.

  3. Comment by zztop | 2014/10/22 at 02:34:01

    Mahouka: The source light novels largely relied on massive information dumps and internal monologues to drive the story, many of which were removed or cut for the anime. Regardless, word is the Blurays are selling well in Japan, supported by a loyal local fanbase.

    Captain Earth: The character designs are by erotic manga artist Fumi Minato, who mostly draws porn manga. This is similar to Gargantia, whose character designer Hanaharu Naruko is also an erotic manga artist.

  4. Comment by | 2014/10/23 at 22:28:00

    awesome,, what is OST of this anime??

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