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The Killing Game

What do mysterious deaths and a card game based on historical poetry have in common? Nothing at all, as you can tell from today’s two new reviews!

First up, Reckoner takes a look at the excellent Chihayafuru. It takes a card game that most folks in the Western Hemisphere probably know zilch about and makes viewers care about it through solid, passionate characters. I agree with Reckoner: it would be disheartening if Chihayafuru did not eventually get a second season.

I also look at Another, which has a decent mystery wrapped up in tedious, silly horror trappings. If you like anime teenagers dying in silly ways, however, then by all means have at it!

2 Responses to The Killing Game


  1. Comment by Justin | 2012/04/02 at 12:36:03

    I knew nothing of this card game, but through the passionate characters, I love this anime!

  2. Comment by Shinmaru | 2012/04/03 at 09:17:22

    Yep, agreed. I do agree with Reckoner that it’s a bit melodramatic at times (I was actually down on the show for a bit halfway through because of that), but the second half of the series greatly improves on this.

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