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Arigatou Akira!

As those who listened to the most recent episode of our The Nihon Revue podcast already know, Akira has announced that he is leaving The Nihon Review.  Akira joined us in 2007 to review J-music albums and live action, and expanded to reviewing anime shortly after that.  He became one of the most important pioneers in helping us set up Behind The Nihon Review, and also become one of its most important contributors.  Along with the 37 reviews he wrote for us over that time, Akira treated us to 41 blog articles, each sharing an immense amount of insight and perceptiveness about the aspects of Japanese and anime culture that interested him.  Many of the articles he penned continue to rank among the most influential and relevant that have ever been written for the site.  But Akira’s contribution to The Nihon Review goes well beyond the words he added to the site.  He’s always been incredibly loyal, and always had our best interests in mind.  He has had as much influence over our current identity as anyone.  He is irreplaceable, and will be sorely missed around here, and I have nothing but gratitude for what he’s given us over the last four and a half years.

Fortunately, he’s not going to wander too far. If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to check out his new blog, akira/scuro.  Also, you’ll still be able to catch him on the forum.  Akira leaves us with two final reviews: Nichijou and Mayo Chiki!.

Thank you, immensely, Akira, for what you’ve done for us over the last four years.  Everyone at The Nihon Review wishes you luck in your future endeavours.  But also, more importantly, everyone at The Nihon Review considers you a friend.

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