Rolling One Week Girlfriends

As the summer days get hotter and hotter, most people may choose to have barbecues or go to the beach, here at The Nihon Review we have fun reviewing anime inside the comfort of our air-conditioned Facilities for Extreme Consumption of Anime™ (aka FECA). All jokes aside, summer is a time most of us have fond memories of watching anime during off-days from school. Although not all of us have the luxury of summer vacation as we did in bygone days, we’re still enjoying anime as ever.

For our latest reviews, we’ve got two series that couldn’t be any different from each other. First up is an anime that doesn’t quite do anything interesting with the familiar amnesic main character trope, but is nonetheless a decent watch. Kaikyaku gives her thoughts on One Week Friends. Our second review is Rolling Girls by Kavik Ryx; it’s a quirky and entertaining title that’s bound to be right up some anime fans’ alleys.

The Cute Girl Collection

This week we explore the many facets of cute girls in anime starting with the most blatant use of it in Kantai Collection.  This is a show that reimagines warships into moe girls and then have them do cute things.  In contrast, Junketsu no Maria is a show that happens to have some cute girls, but their looks are side notes to their actual personalities, opinions and their role in the overarching story.  As pro cute girls as I am, I actually want them to do something new and interesting.

Ghoulish Delights

A couple new reviews to get May started. First, CNile takes a look at the highly popular Tokyo Ghoul. It’s a rare case where the second season is better than the first. Meanwhile, Kavik Ryx builds on the extensive Gundam franchise with a review of its latest, Reconguista in G. Sadly, it doesn’t impress.

The Drama of Anime

This last season brought with it a few gems. Shadowmage takes a look at one of them, Shirobako, which centers its tale around the anime industry itself and features some great characters. The same cannot be said for our second entry. Aldnoah.Zero has some promise, but doesn’t build on its strengths.

Parasytes in April

It’s the start of a new season of anime which means that another new set of shows have ended their run.  We’ll run down some of the best and most talked about shows in the line up of recently finished anime.  Up first are two shows that were nothing but quality throughout their respective runs.  Your Lie in April is a beautifully drawn and beautifully realized drama that is more than worth your time.  Parasyte is a hard sci-fi series mixed in with a small touch of young male power fantasy that has a clear message to say and the guts to say it.

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