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And the trophy goes to…

Two new reviews for you today featuring shows that are completely different. If you’re looking for some humour and silly action check out Kavik Ryx‘s review of Keijo!!!!!!!!, a series that takes sports anime to its extremes.

Or if you want something more dramatic, have a look at AC‘s glowing review of the second season of my pick for the best anime of 2016, Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Such honours are not granted lightly!

Euphonium Raising Project

We’re back with a couple reviews from Kavik Ryx. First we take a step back to 2015 to highlight a series that many consider among the best Kyoto Animation have ever produced. Hibike! Euphonium brought many of that studio’s strengths together into a powerful series.

In contrast, our second review is of a series that failed to impress, to say the least. Magical Girl Raising Project managed to bomb on several levels, and doesn’t seem to have added anything to the genre is supposedly represents.

The joys of childhood

Hi everyone! Today we’ve got two new reviews filled with youthful energy. First up is AC‘s take on Poco’s Udon World, a story about rediscovering one’s childhood with the help of an unusual little boy. See if you feel compelled to take a sudden trip to the countryside.

I also present my thoughts on the latest season of Haikyuu!! Highschool is one of those rare moments where sport can completely consume your life, as it does for the Karasuno squad. Volleyball is life and I will hear no argument otherwise!

Flying into the future

For 2017’s first pair of reviews, we have a more in-depth look at two shows that had a place in our 2016: A Year in Review!

Kaikyaku tells us what makes Flying Witch an enjoyable piece of animation for anyone who likes a little magic in their relaxing slice-of-life anime. I take a deeper look at the what made your name. such an entertaining movie, echoing the sentiments of AC in our Year in Review article.

Closing the door on 2016

2017 has arrived, and with it a new start and a new anime season beginning soon. But we don’t want to close off 2016 without first recognizing some of the best anime the year had to offer.

In the latest edition of our annual editorial, we examine the highlights of 2016, a year that was disappointing in many ways, but still managed to produce some excellent series and movies. Check out the 2016: A Year in Review article and be sure to let us know your thoughts over on the forums.

Happy New Year!

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